Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday - Disney inspired

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have been anxiously awaiting this week's theme because this week we are doing Disney inspired nails! One may think that I would get stumped with choosing an idea since I recently finished the Disney nail art challenge but nope, I knew for weeks what I wanted to do for this. In fact, I had to narrow it down because some of my ideas might not have made sense unless your Disney obsessed like me. Warning, this post is picture heavy.

Anyways, I started my manicure using Nanacoco Magic Kingdom because why not?! It's a gorgeous royal blue foil like polish and my only problem with it is that is stains. Then I attempted to do the older version of the Walt Disney logo (from the beginning of movies). It looked decent on paper but didn't transfer quite as well to my nail. *edit to add Cute Polish originally posted the castle on her channel. Somehow I had not seen it but if I had I would have credited her from the beginning. If I had seen her video it probably would have turned out more castle like.

To take it one step further I used Disney Bound and Cakeworthy's micecream shirt as inspiration. I LOVE how this nail turned out.

Would you believe I picked these drops up at a yard sale for just a dollar?! It didn't come with a dropper though, so I had to use a coffee stirrer.
I also used:
Sally Hansen White On
Kleancolor Dark Brown
China Glaze Icicle
ICE Cafe Au Lait
I'm so anxious to see what the other Twinsies did for their Disney inspired nails! Be sure to check them all out!

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  1. Ooh I love that blue! I thought it was CG Blue years eve at first.

  2. This is so pretty! Your castle looks amazing :)

  3. I love love love the Mickey ice cream! That was so cool!!

  4. Replies
    1. :) thanks! I'd definitely wear it to the parks!

  5. Omg I love this! From the design to the polish name! Ah!

    1. I seriously only bought the polish because of the name.

  6. Cute!! Nice take on the theme


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