Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sinful Colors Faceted and WnW Blue Moon

I saw Faceted at Walgreens last night and had to pick it up. I must add that I only picked up this one because I felt that the other ones were similar to something else I already owned. Right now, I'd rather get polishes that are completely different. Now there wasn't a proper display but after searching Google, I discovered that this is from the Holiday Shimmers display.

 The Daily Varnish has a swatch of what Faceted looks like on its own. I knew before even seeing swatches that this polish needed to be layered. Faceted is a clear based glitter polish with small purple glitters and bar glitters that shift from green to gold. I chose WnW Blue Moon because of the color and feel that these two work well together.


  1. Lovely!! Definitely need to get Faceted!

  2. That Sinful Colors polish is gorgeous. I love the big glitter!

  3. yup! I think it'll look great over so many blues, greens and purples.

  4. Well, the worms killed my attraction for Faceted, but blue moon is a nice one

  5. I love both of these!


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