Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Polish from first swap

This week's Twinsie Tuesday has digging into our memories to recall a polish from our first swap. For me, it wasn't too difficult since I haven't done many swaps. My first polish swap was done with my twitter friend Mallory at the beginning of this year.

Mallory lives in Hawaii and didn't have access to Sinful Colors Cinderella so I offered to send it and a few other Sinfuls to her. She sent me some Island Girl polishes, which can only be found in Hawaii or Vegas. I've already featured these already but here's a look at the pink one since pink promotes Breast Cancer Awareness. (and I love pink!) This is Island Color, it has metallic pink and silver mini glitters and slightly larger magenta glitters. I normally wear it as an accent but I went all out with a full mani.
2 coats, still some bare spots

3 coats
Brand: Island Girl
Color Name/Number: Island Color (1141)
Finish: glitter
Number of Coats: 3
Top Coat: no

3 coats

Thank you again Mallory for my Island Girl polishes!
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  1. Island Girl has some really pretty polishes! That's a nice glitter.

  2. really pretty!

  3. I love island girl polishes! This is a very fun glitter!

  4. So pretty! I wish we had access to Island Girl polishes!

  5. Gorgeous!!!!

  6. It's gorgeous on you! Love the sparkle!

  7. Anna @ GoingtotheShowingOctober 23, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    I LOVE this! So glittery!

  8. I love these Island Girl glitters you've been featuring--and this is such a pretty pink!!

  9. So pretty! Going to Vegas this weekend, so I am finally going to pick me up some Island Girls!

  10. Very pretty! I'm jealous that you have some Island Girl!


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