Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Nails

I used this tutorial by EasyNailArt1 on YouTube to do these pumpkin nails. Last year I tried to do one pumpkin and failed horribly. This was actually pretty simple. I started with  just one coat for my base color of WnW Then I did ovals on my finger tips using Sally Hansen Sun Kissed. When that dried I used a thin paint brush and Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice to do the stripes. The leaves were done with WnW Nerd Alert: Screech.
I even managed to do ONE pumpkin on my non-dominant hand.
I didn't realize the pictures weren't very clear until today. Luckily I still had my pumpkins on my nails so I was able to snap a new clearer picture. Unfortunately , I had a break on my index nail.


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