Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Animal Inspired Mani

Hello Polishettes! This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is a fun one; we're doing animal inspired manis. I was really excited about this theme so I planned for it in advance and tested out one of my favorite animal prints. My favorite animal prints are cheetah (or leopard since they seem very similar), zebra and giraffe. The easiest I thought would be cheetah and this was my first attempt at cheetah inspired nails.

Since I was happy with the outcome, I attempted it again with a "standard" color palette. I used Pure Ice Jaguar, OPI Pros and Bronze and Wet n Wild Black Creme.

I even attempted the cheetah print on my non-steady hand! My right hand makes another appearance.
 I can't wait to see all the twinsies animal inspired manicures. I'm sure there will be some wicked awesome ones!

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  1. Amazing! Love the metallic leopard.

  2. These are both fabulous! I really love the "natural" palette one! And your right hand looks great, too!

  3. You did asn amazing job, ChiChi! I love the natural one AND the funkier one - great take!

  4. This is sooo cute! Great job!

  5. These are really lovely, ChiChi!! Great colour choices too!! :D

  6. Both of these turned out gorgeous! I really like the brights one :O)

  7. ChiChi, this is awesome!!

  8. Katherine @ Haul of FameAugust 14, 2012 at 11:37 PM

    Both of these are gorgeous! The bright green one is making me drool. I love them!

  9. I'm loving the brown version!

  10. Awesome, ChiChi! I love the comparison of the "standard" colours vs. the more creative combo. These turned out so much better than my first cheetah/leopard attempt! :D

  11. These both turned out so cute, ChiChi! Awesome job! :)


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