Friday, August 10, 2012

Revlon Moon Candy Galatic

For my birthday my boyfriend gave me a bunch of polishes (Birthday/July haul coming soon). The first one he handed me was this Revlon Moon Candy in Galatic. It's a navy blue (almost black) creme. It applied opaque in one coat but somehow my polish on my tips got thin. The glitter is iridescent flakes in a sheer jelly light sky blue base. This is the polish that set off my flakie kick again. If these Revlon Moon Candies go on sale, I'll try to pick up a few (well as long as they aren't on sale during August, as this is NO-BUY month for me).

next day, in sun

comparing another flakie sheer blue base I own


  1. This is so gorgeous!! :D

  2. I saw these combo sets last week at one of the drugstores...but all the flakey ones were gone already :O/

  3. Gotta love a man who knows one of the ways to a woman's heart is NAIL POLISH!! Woot! Love how this looks on you!

  4. These blue flakies look amazing with the rich, blue base! Well played, boyfriend. :D


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