Sunday, August 19, 2012

July Collective Haul (birthday haul)

This post is going up rather late but since I put myself on a "polish no-buy" for August it evens out. July is my birthday month and this year my friends and family spoiled me with polish. Loro was even going to attempt to make my cake look like a nail polish bottle but that's another story. I was very organized in writing down my polishes as I got them but as I'm trying to put this post together, I realize my pictures aren't as organized. The polishes will be listed in order that I got them. Since my pictures do not go with the text, I will be making use of captions.
already worn
China Glaze Atlantis (Brandi)
Sinful Colors Citrine (Brandi)
China Glaze Dance Baby (Nory)
Kleancolor Holo Fuschia (Tara)
Kleancolor Holo Candy (Tara)
Brucci Sophie's Sweet Pink (Marisa)
WnW Fergie Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night - $3.49 Walgreens (plus extra for giveaway)
WnW Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame - $3.49 Walgreens
gift to myself
Spoiled Are Mermaid's Real (Loro)
Two Birds Just Keep Swimming mini - $4.00
Sinful Colors Slate - $1.99
Sinful Colors Flog Green - $1.99
Sinful Colors Winterberry - $1.99
Sinful Colors Rainstorm -$1.99
Color Club Starry Temptress Topcoat (Amanda)
Pure Ice Twinkle (Amanda)
Pure Ice Lilac Mist - $1.97
Sally Hansen Rasberry Rave - $2.99
Sally Hansen For Sher-bert - $2.99
Ruby Kisses Baby Blue - $.99
China Glaze Techno (Cordia)
China Glaze Strawberry Fields (Anna)
Color Club Alias (Anna)
Sinful Colors Pullover - $.99
Sinful Colors Lavender - $.99
Sinful Colors All about You - $.99
5 random Sinfuls for giveaway and a surprise
WnW Chrome Steel the Spotlight (Cordia)
WnW Chrome Penny for your Thoughts (Cordia)
Love & Beauty Green Clear glitter - $2.80
Love & Beauty Fruit Punch lip gloss - $2.80
NYX Glitter Palette Green (Loro)
NYX Glitter Palette Pink - $3.48
Sinful Colors Savage - $.99
Zoya Opal (Jenna)
Zoya Kiki (Jenna)

This next set of polishes were from my boyfriend. The first two in the picture had to be exchanged because I already had them in my collection.
from Loro
Sally Hansen Sunnyside
Sally Hansen Bright On
Sally Hansen In the Spotlight
Sally Hansen Purple Potion (not pictured above)
Sally Hansen Vibrant Violet
Sally Hansen Sunkissed
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (not pictured above)
Sally Hansen Pink Satin
Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink
Sally Hansen Golden-I
Revlon Moon Candy Galatic
 My "mother-in-law" decided it was easier to just give me some cash and let me pick out my own polishes.

Sinful Colors Georgio 
Sinful Colors Fiji
Sinful Colors Purple Diamond
Sinful Colors Outrages
Sinful Colors Cross my Heart
WnW I need a re-freshmint (Plus top coat)
Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen Green (BIL & his wife)
Nailene French Glitz Midnight Blue (BIL & his wife)

I also won a giveaway from Of Life and Lacquer but I already posted about that here.

Thanks to my twinsies, my boyfriend and his family, I had a GREAT birthday month filled with lots of polish happiness. That's why I decided for August to be "no-buy" month. I only lasted 18 days before failing but I have good reasoning behind it ;).


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