Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twinise Tuesday - Crackle Polish mani

It's time for another Twinsie Tuesday post! This week our theme is crackle polish. When crackles first came out, I had to get my hands on them but I didn't have easy access to them. Time passed and soon they were available everywhere, by that time I was over it but still wanted a few in my heap of polishes.
My base color is Pure Ice Lilac Mist it's a very sheer pink with shimmer, probably better for layering than as a base color. Then I intended to use 2012 Cherimoya Sanctuary but I remembered I had OPI Superbass Shatter so I opted for Sanctuary as an accent nail like last week. My pinky had the worst outcome.

For the most part, I am still over the crackle trend, but every now I wouldn't mind pulling out the crackles for an accent nail. I have a feeling that some of my Twinsies aren't feeling the crackle on their nails. What's your opinion on crackle polish??

I'm curious to see which of my twinsies were not to fond of their crackle manis. Check them out too!

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