Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday Manicure

 I've seen several bloggers and YouTubers post cupcake manis. I've been waiting for my birthday to try it out. There are several cupcake nail tutorials on YouTube but I used AditeeArt as my guide for my manicure. I only did two cupcakes (well four counting my right hand) for sake of time. I used OPI If you Moust you Moust, Claire's Candy Shop, Sinful Colors Lavender and a new franken I made that I'm calling Frosting.
 This manicure was so fun to do, I think I'll try it again. My boyfriend went off to the store with his niece and nephew to pick me something up to open at midnight. This is what he bought back. At first he handed me the Revlon Duo and I was excited with that. Then he came back with all these Sally Hansens. I was shocked! Two of them have to go back because I already have them but they picked out some great colors!


  1. This is so cute!

  2. Happy birthday, girly! What a beautiful and fun way to celebrate!!!

  3. That's so cute and perfect for your birthday! Have a happy one.

  4. LOve the B-day mani! Very cute. BTW what is the light pink and green beside each other in your pressie?

  5. This mani is so cute and awesome, ChiChi!!! Have an amazing birthday!!!!! :D (Gorgeous franken, btw!! :D)

  6. Love all of it! Happy Bday my dear!!!


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