Sunday, July 15, 2012

52 Week Challenge - week 29 - rockstar nails

Here's another challenge that I did not know anything about. I thought it was just a theme but "rockstar nails" is in fact a certain type of nails. I came across A Brief Analogy regarding Rockstar Nails and found the post to be very helpful. According to Maggie, Rockstar Nails are made up of acrylic or gel with bling embedded into the acrylic or gel.

But since I do not plan to have acrylics on my fingers ever again, I had to improvise with this challenge. Basically what I did is just glitter tips over a clear-pink base. My clear-pink is 10 Perfectly Pink which I previously adjusted to make it a perfect pink for me and China Glaze Full Spectrum. Then I placed stars from WnW Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame. I wish my left hand was steady enough so I could do this on my right hand as well. I really like how it turned out.

Would you ever get "Rockstar Nails" done?


  1. I think I would, if I was planning on doing acrylic. Only problem would be how hard it'd be to cover if you decided two weeks later that you didn't like it. You did an amazing job recreating it, though! I love what you did! It'd be cute if you even used some rhinestones on the corners of each nail! It'd be awesome if you could check out my blog, Perfectly Polished, and let me know what you think! I'd love to become sister sites if you'd be willing!

  2. This looks fabulous!

  3. I think this is so adorable! I love the funky french with the stars!

  4. This is super cute! I love it!

  5. I googled Rock Star manis and never found I feel like an idiot, cause I obviously didn't look hard enough, lol. This looks really cute!

  6. Very cute! I like the little star accents :D

    I used to get things similar to this when I wore gel nails, but I always got tired of them before it was time to have my nails filled again. If I wear the same polish for 48 hours straight now it counts as a long time! ;o)


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