Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pink Wednesday - Zoya Angel and Essie pink-a-boo

This week my Pink Wednesday is featuring a polish that I thought was long gone. I "lost" it awhile back at my dad's and was so sad. When I was at my dad's earlier this month I found it mixed up with some stuff that I'm sure I didn't leave it there. I guess my sister found it in the midst of moving my stuff around. This newly found polish is Zoya Angel. Zoya describes Angel as "Soft, dusty light mauve-pink with subtle lilac undertones and frosty pink and silver shimmer. Soft, girly and magical- a subtle princess pink for a fairy tale look. (Zoya)" I'm sure I picked it out for that description.
Brand: Zoya
Line: Classics
Color Name/Number: Angel
Finish: metallic (as described on Zoya site)
Number of Coats: 2
Top Coat: no

This weekend my boyfriend bought me three polishes. One of these was Essie pink-a-boo. Pink-a-boo is a sheer milky pinky with shimmer flecks that color shift. It's delightful. I put 2 coats of Pink-a-boo over Angel on my left hand and on my right hand I did 3 coats of Pink-a-boo by itself. She's good for layering or all by herself.

sorry not a clear picture
Brand: essie
Line: Resort Collection 2012
Color Name/Number: pink-a-boo
Finish: shimmer/duochrome
Number of Coats: 3
Top Coat: no


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