Thursday, May 3, 2012

OPI NYC Ballet Petites

 Now I fell for this collection partly because of my love for dance. I'm not big on sheer polishes but I know they are good to have for some work environments. I loved these swatches on other blogs I saw, but on If I could just get rid of that ucky yellow tint, I'd be fine. All swatches were done without a basecoat or topcoat and had 3 thin coats. I think next time I would use thicker coats. For Piroutte my Whistle, I did one layer. PMW is my favorite of the whole collection and I already picked up a full size for back up. It is that awesome!

My Pointe Exactly

 My Pointe Exactly with Piroutte my Whistle

Don't Touch my Tutu!

 Don't Touch my Tutu! with Piroutte my Whistle

Care to Danse?

 Care to Danse? with Piroutte my Whistle


  1. I am on the fence about how I feel about this collection. Usually I do not wear things this sheer, but I want to like it. I have some yellowing in my nails, though, so I may not want it to come through. Hmm...I like the glitter one on you!

  2. beautiful!!

  3.  yeah, I'm not happy with the yellowing on my nails but I think later on I'd regret not having it. Thanks, I love that glitter!

  4. To be honest, I was never that enthralled with this collection.  However, you're the first person that I actually LOVE these polishes on.  You really wear sheer jellies well!  They look like ice on your fingertips!

  5. What a gorgeous collection!!  Isn't Pirouette My Whistle gorgeous?  I love it! XD

  6. So elegant and LOVELY!


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