Sunday, May 27, 2012

Matte Pink & Shiny/Glittery Accent

Sometimes when I post pictures of my manicures, the pics are taken specifically for the purpose of the blog. That was my intent with yesterday's Matte Magic post. Then I ate dinner and I was actually liking matte*n*a Fairytale as a matte polish.

So for my Saturday NOTD, I decided to just change the accent nails and keep the matte pink. On my  accent nails is 2 coats of Sinful Colors Exotic Green with one coat of Milani Gems. Then on my thumb, I have Island Girl Aloha Surf. These glitters look similar to OPI Rainbow Connection. Now I don't own Rainbow Connection but Swatch and Learn has a great comparison post on Rainbow Connection compared to Gems. From the looks of it, if I layer Gems and Aloha Surf together, it looks pretty close to Rainbow Connection.

It should be said that Matte*n*a Fairytale had awful tip wear. I painted on it Friday evening and Saturday morning I looked at my hands and it looked as if I wore for days instead of overnight.


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