Sunday, May 20, 2012

52 Week Challenge - Week 21 - Fruit Mani

I couldn't decide what fruit I wanted to do so I did an assortment. I didn't take my pics right after so my middle nail got messed up.

There was a lot of polish that went into this manicure. The base for all my nails was LA Colors Base Coat and Top coat.

Index: Cherries - Revlon Mon Cherry, China Glaze Glittering Garland and my franken Brown.
Middle: Dragonfruit - Sinful Colors Snow me White, Nubar Black Polka Dot, Essie Marshmallow, OPI Stranger Tides and SC Daredevil
Ring: Watermelon - SC Pink, Nubar BPD, OPI ST, 10 Professional Cloud 10 and CG GG
Pinky: Grapes - WnW Buffy the violet Slayer and SC Dream On and brown
ceiling light

desk lamp
My dragon fruit nails were inspired by The Daily Nail and Pretty Polished Pointers.

This challenge was created by I'm Simply Complex and I found out about it from I'm Still Thinking.


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