Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hey everyone! My Saturday was a little bit crazy and I really wanted to get a post up today. It's 9:24pm and I just painted my nails (one hand to be exact). So for now, I have one pic ready to share.

I will edit this post later to add more pics and details about what is on my nails. As for now, I am off to spend a little QT with Loro.  

Edit: Details were left out yesterday when I posted this. Did anyone take a guess of what was on my nails? This is Revlon Minted with Pure Ice Mint Dream. In my search for looking for a perfect green, I ended up collecting quite a few minty greens and they are the ones I like the best. Looking at my nails just made me want something minty, luckily I had some Mint Chocolate M&M's. This color also reminds me of Tiana's dress from Princess and the Frog.
 Brand: Pure Ice over Revlon
Color Name/Number: Mint Dream over Minted
Finish: Mint Dream (frost) Minted (cream)
Number of Coats: 2 of each
Top Coat: Northern Lights Out the Door


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