Saturday, February 18, 2012

Claire's Candy Shop

Today I have another Deborah Lippmann dupe to share. I tried to create my own before but it didn't turn out as I hoped. When I saw Nouveau Cheap's post directing me to Mama Glam's post I was ecstatic! I immediately called the Claire's near me and asked if they had this polish in stock. To my surprise, they did. I asked them to hold it for me and rushed to the mall much to my boyfriend's dismay. (All of this happened this morning.)

On my thumb, I sandwiched 1 layer of Claire's Candy Shop between 10 Perfectly Pink*. On my index, I started with 1 layer of Perfectly Pink then added a layer of Candy Shop and repeated once. On my middle finger, I applied 1 coat of Candy Shop over 1 coat of Perfectly pink. My ring finger has 3 coats of Candy Shop without a base color and my pinky has 2 coats of Candy Shop without a base color. The coverage of the glitter is nice so I didn't have to place it where I wanted it.

Brand: Claire's
Color Name: Candy Shop
Finish: Glitter
Number of Coats: see above
Top Coat: no

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