Friday, January 21, 2011

10 things...

One of my online besties, Tammi recently started a blog She did a post on 10 things she would spend money on if she won the lottery.

So since I've abandoned my blog, I decided to do the post in response to hers. If I won the lottery...

1. First, I would pay off all the debt that I owe because that is definitely a dream of mine to be debt free.

2. Have my DREAM wedding with boyfriend/future hubby

3. Buy 2 houses, 1 in Florida (near Disney) and 1 in Puerto Rico so boyfriend and I can come and go as we please with no worries.

4. Get a few Dooney and Burke Disney purses

5. a shopping spree at... well does it even matter? I won't have to look twice at price tags

6. trade in my little lame phone for a smartphone

7. vacation with my boyfriend/future hubby to Disneyland Paris, or Tokyo Disney, what the heck...why not both

8. buy all the beauty items I have been lusting after

9. set some money aside for future babies college fund

10. arrange a large gathering to meet all my online friends

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