Saturday, November 20, 2010

life update..for those interested

Those who follow me on twitter have been dealing with my mass amount of tweets about searching for work. I am so thankful that the search is over, I am officially employed! *happy dance* Here's how it went down...

I filled out the application for this particular job on Oct 27. I found out they were doing a "job fair" on Nov 3, I planned on attending said "job fair" but they called and scheduled me for a 10am interview. I thought the interview went rather well and hoped to hear from them that Saturday. The holdup was my old job (the jerks who laid me off...haha) wouldn't get in contact with them to give them a reference. Finally after several phone calls to my former job's HR department, I got a hold of someone. Nov 11, I went in and filled out the official paperwork but had to wait to actually work until they received my employee number (strange? yes I thought so to) Anyhoo, then on Nov 19 at 5:58pm, I got a phone call from the job asking me to come fill in at 7pm because someone called out. Yes, normally I would not have been happy to receive a phone call like this but in this case I was ecstatic. they told me they had my employee number and that I'd be working til 11pm. I hung up and shrieked with delight then called my boyfriend to tell him I was going to work.

After being unemployed for a year and 10 months, I have another job. Granted it's part time and possibly only a seasonal position. I am truly thankful for having a job.

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