Monday, January 26, 2009

Last time shopping for awhile :/

Yesterday i went for a pink and blue look. I was extremly frustrated that my blending doesnt coming out how i want, part of it may be because i dont have the right tools which is why i made up my mind to head to the store after our errands and pick up some brushes because I dont want to wait any longer.

Much to my dismay, when we headed out for our Saturday errands our car wouldnt start. It was either because of the control module or it was too cold. (The weather has been freezing since Jan 6. I wish i was still enjoying the Florida Winters.)

Much later, we finally headed to Walgreens. DulceCandy87 has talked about the Ecotools 6 piecebrush set from Walgreens, she said she adores it so i checked it out and OMG its so soft. I finally got some real brushes that are in my budget. I was also looking for Loreal DeCrease but did not see it, so i guess it'll be awhile before im able to pick that up. Then I got 2 eyeshadows (also in my budget, one of which was because i wanted to do Fafinettex3's watermelon look and i didnt have the right shade of green.) Some Neiva Moisturizer- travel size, 2 nail polishes and a brow grooming kit that was on sale for $2.19. I should've stopped at the brush set...but since i dont know when the next time i'll be able to pick up any makeup i took advantage. Now i'll see if the brushes make it a better or if i have to splurge when i get my unemployment checks (*crossing fingers i'll actually get it*) We shall see. Well im off to watch some videos. L8R!

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